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Men's 3 v. 3 (Big 3) Basketball Rules


Notes: There will be a ten minute grace period given to teams with at least one player present but less than the minimum number required to begin play. Two forfeits and your team will not be able to continue the tournament. Participation fee is non-refundable the day of tournament play, but can be used towards future 3 on 3 league play.
The game: will consist of two halves, the first half ends once the 10 minute clock expires, while the second half ends when the 10 minute clock expires and leading by at least 2 points, with a 2 minute rest between halves. Teams must have at least 4 players on the court to start and continue a game.
Games are played on a half court with each possession starting at the top of the key (no inbound needed). Standard two and three-point shots apply, but there are also “4 point zones” where if a player makes a shot from that zone they are awarded 4 points instead of the normal 3. Home team will be decided by a do-or-die 4 point shot before the game begins.
Timeouts: each team has one timeout per half and in overtime period. Only players in the game and on the team with possession of the ball may call timeouts, not coaches or substitutes on the sidelines. During a dead ball, any offensive or defensive player in the game may call a timeout.
The games: an overtime period of three minutes will be played. If the score remains tied at the end of the period, a second overtime will be played, and it will be sudden death. That is, the first point (field goal or free throws) will end the game. Timing procedure for the last thirty seconds of the overtime period will be the same as the end of the second half. Each OT will start with a jump ball.
Free Throws: A shooting foul will receive one shot for the number of points the attempt was worth (2, 3, 4 points, so if you are fouled behind the 3 point line, that free throw is worth 3 points.) AND-1 shots applies on every made basket after shooting fouls (an additional free throw taken if a player is fouled while taking a shot.)
Substitutions: may be anytime the ball is dead, they must go to the score table and wait for the officials to call them into the game, and they must get to officials attention before entering the game.
Held Ball/ Jump Ball: in all held ball situations teams will alternate taking the ball out of bounds at the spot nearest to where the situation occurs. The possession arrow will determine all held balls.
Last Updated: 03-07-2021

Closely guarded: a five second count will be in effect when an offensive player is closely guarded (defender within 6 feet) in the front court whether he or she is dribbling or holding the ball.
Dunking: is permitted during an intramural game. No Hanging on rims. Hanging on rims will be called as a technical foul.
A player may only compete with one team. Once a player has played with a team he/she is not allowed to switch teams.
Fouls: All fouls are ascribed to the team; players cannot foul out (unless ejected for a flagrant or two technical). The first five team (off-ball) fouls are “one and one’s” meaning the second shot is only awarded on a made free throw; after the fifth team foul in each half, opponents are guaranteed two one-point free throws and possession.
Technical Fouls: All technical fouls will result in one two-point free throw and possession. Additional technical fouls, as well as all flagrant fouls, result in two two-point free throws and possession of the ball.
If a player receives two (2) technical fouls or one (1) flagrant he/she MUST leave the court of play and may not enter the rest of the game. He/She must leave the playing venue and will not be able to play again until they see the Intramural Sports Coordinator to further discuss the matter.
Players will be assessed a technical foul for all of the following:
a. Take a time-out with none remaining.
b Hanging on a basket and/or net (unless to protect other players or officials). c. Climb on a teammate to obtain a greater height.
d. Illegal substitution.
e. Have more than three players on the court during a live ball.
f. Berate the officials or display unsportsmanlike conduct (this includes foul language)
g. Out of Control fan(s) and/or coaches on sidelines.
Fighting, Technical & Flagrant Fouls: result in a game ejection and foul against the team Technical: Fighting or aggressive behavior
Flagrant: A hard foul with the intent to injure
Mercy Rule: If a team is up by 35+ points at any time in the second half or if they are up 20+ points with
2 minutes or less in the game, the game will be called and they will be declared the winner by mercy rule.
Last Updated: 03-07-2021

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